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Register for Santa’s Little Helpers

Registration for Santa’s Little Helpers has closed. We no longer accept new registrations this year, but will do our best to approve pending registrations ASAP. Thanks for participating in this project.

If you want to make a request in Santa’s Little Helpers, you have to register first using the form below. Make sure you’ve got your Amazon wishlist(s) ready, because you need to submit them during registration! That way, we can keep track of which requests have been fulfilled yet.

Note: Your personal information is only visible to the moderators of Santa’s Little Helpers and will not be shared with anyone.

Please familiarize yourself with our rules before registering. You may only add one registration per household, and you may only request for members of your own household (no extended family etc.).

Important: make sure you’ve attached your shipping address to your wishlists! If you don’t know how, check this video from 2:40.

Need help with setting up your account? Watch this video!