How It Works

Have your kids been good this year, but are they in danger of missing out on a great Christmas celebration? Santa’s Little Helpers are here to help!

Video tutorial

Create an Amazon Wishlist

  1. Creating an Amazon Account
  2. Creating an Amazon Wishlist
  3. Add an Address for an Amazon Wishlist
  4. Add an Address on a mobile device
  5. How to link your Amazon Wishlist properly!

Register on Reddit and also fill out our registration form

  1. Register on Reddit
  2. Make sure you also register here to receive help. Your personal information will be kept strictly confidential.

Tell your story

Create a new post on /r/SantasLittleHelpers. Just briefly tell your story. And include the link to your amazon wishlist. Also include your general location.

You are welcome to post pictures if you like but you don’t have to. If someone is considering giving, they can ask for proof. And they will specify what proof they are asking for. Now any of those requests should be reasonable. If you are not comfortable with what they ask for, do not give it to them.

Long depressing posts are not going to help you in the endeavor to find Christmas. Our recommendation is to tell your story, but keep it down to a short paragraph or two. Keep it positive. People want to give out of joy and generosity. Not guilt.

Reposts can be made every seven days and must be labeled as a repost. You must include all gifts received from requests and contests from this and other subreddits.

If you receive gifts, update your post

Update your post to include that gift has been given. Please include a “Gifts received” and a “Gifts on the way” list. This will help us make sure everyone is helped, and will help the givers looking for people who still haven’t gotten any help.

Make a post to thank the person who helped you!!! It’s important to appreciate help you’ve received from “strangers”. Be sure to send us pictures on Christmas Day. Do your best to give it forward in this or a coming season.

Need help?

If you have any trouble, with any part of this process, just contact us mods and we will help you through it. 😀